Online Security

Today’s digital world provides many convenient tools. However, learning how to protect yourself is of utmost importance. DWB is dedicated to protecting your financial information.


Our Network Security

At DWB our servers and computers are protected with multiple firewalls. Customers can appreciate the 24/7 monitoring service that DWB uses to protect the IT environment (firewalls, switches, routers, servers, etc.). Sophisticated Intrusion Prevention and Detection software works around the clock to safeguard your information.

Security through Multifactor Authentication

DWB utilizes multiple layered security login process called Multifactor Authentication for both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. This security feature is used to help deter internet threats such as spyware and other malicious programs designed to steal your information.

Multifactor Authentication - what is it?

The security feature basically utilizes multiple pieces of information for log-in, such as:

  • Something You Have – phone or computer
  • Something You Know – username or password

Mobile banking leverages security practices already in place with Online Banking.

We Protect Your Personal Information

DWB’s physical and electronic safeguards meet today’s applicable regulatory standards. Routinely, DWB provides training to staff on the proper procedures to safeguard customer information. DWB does use third party providers to enhance our customer service offerings. These providers are required to sign confidentiality agreements. DWB is committed to safeguarding our customer’s information.

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