COVID-19 Updates


Keep up to date here on what DWB is doing during the
COVID-19 Pandemic for our employees, customers,
and community.


A letter from our Chairman, CEO, & President: 

Dakota Western Bank’s vision statement is that we are the financial service leader that partners with customers, employees, and our communities to achieve success.
This vision statement will guide us through the COVID-19 pandemic and through these tough economic times.

DWB developed a pandemic policy 10 years ago and provides education and training to employees on a regular basis. Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us, we are implementing the early phases of our pandemic policy plan. We are following the CDC, ND Health Department, and local healthcare providers COVID-19 guidelines, plus the executive directives established by President Trump and Governor Burgum.

DWB employees are reducing risk by social distancing, limiting travel, using smart hygiene practices, and contacting their physician if they experience COVID-19 symptoms. On March 19, 2020, DWB closed our lobby doors to limit traffic at our branches but will continue to use drive-up facilities to serve our customers. This is a great time to use internet banking, mobile banking, an ATM, email or the telephone to conduct your banking business. If COVID-19 substantially worsens in ND and in our trade area, several employees are equipped to work from home so our banking services will not be interrupted.

With the current uncertainty and volatility of the financial markets, it is only natural to wonder how the banking industry will continue to deliver their services and maintain safety and soundness. Overall, U.S. banks are in a strong financial condition heading into this tough economic environment. Federal and State regulators require banks to meet certain minimum capital and financial standards. DWB not only meets these required standards but exceeds them.

Please remember that your deposits are protected with FDIC insurance. Since 1933, no bank depositor has lost any of their FDIC insured funds. Please contact your DWB personal banker if you have questions regarding your FDIC coverage.

The DWB loan department will continue to deliver credit to our ranchers, farmers, businesses, and individuals. Our lending team will use DWB loan programs, plus partner with SBA, FSA, and BND when appropriate. Please contact one of our loan officers for details.

Dakota Western Bank is ready and willing to partner with the healthcare industry, our customers, employees, and communities, along with Federal and State agencies to reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Please check our website at for Dakota Western Bank service updates. Contact your local branch or myself at 701-523-5616 if you have questions.

Thank you for your understanding and for being a Dakota Western Bank customer.


Ron Palczewski
President, CEO, Chairman
Dakota Western Bank








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Fraudsters are using fear of the Coronavirus to take advantage of people. We are informing our customers of this fraudulent activity and ask you to be more alert to these deceptions.

Please pay close attention to common scams during this crisis.

1. Phishing and supply scams... read more